Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rand Gold Price set to run

I have just analysed the rand gold price chart for the last five years. It has been on an upward trend, and more significantly, it has been trading in a rising wedge, and close to the end of it, with signs of breaking out. A longer-term target of probably around R150 if trading NewGold ETF.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Allan Gray again tops the PlexCrown survey

According to the latest PlexCrown survey for the quarter 31 December 2010, Allan Gray is again the 1st ranked domestic CIS Manager, with a rating of 4.625. This is despite its relative poor performance in 2010.

The PlexCrown Survey measures the fund managers' long-term performance in terms of consistency and risks taken.

The PlexCrown domestic CIS manager ranking - overall is as follows:

CIS MANAGER Weighted Average Rank

Allan Gray              4.625                     1
Nedgroup Investments 3.875                2
Prudential                3.792                    3
Coronation              3.458                    4
Oasis                      3.292                     5
Investment Solutions 3.250                   6
RMB                      3.242                     7
Old Mutual             3.075                     8
STANLIB              2.972                     9
Investec                  2.902                   10
STANLIB MultiM  2.500                   11
Absa                       2.150                  12

For more, visit http://www.plexcrown.co.za/.