Friday, March 8, 2013

Current best-performing unit trusts

Over 3 years, by sector:

South African, Equity, General sector:
1. Foord Equity Fund,
2. Momentum Best Blend Specialist Equity Fund
3. Harvard House General Equity Fund

South African, Multi-Asset, Flexible sector:
1. 36ONE MET Flexible Opportunity Fund
2. Centaur MET Flexible Fund
3. Visio MET Actinio Fund

South Africa, Multi-Asset, High Equity sector:
1. STANLIB Balanced Fund
2. Foord Balanced Fund
3. Southern Charter MET Growth Fund of Funds

Global, Equity, General sector:
1. Old Mutual Global Equity Fund
2. Coronation World Equity Fund of Funds
3. Nedgroup Investments Global Equity Feeder Fund

Global, Multi-Asset, Flexible sector:
1. Coronation Global Emerging Markets Flexible Fund
2. RE:CM Global Feeder Fund
3. Old Mutual International Growth Fund of Funds

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5-year Fixed Interest Investment Rates

As of 2013/03/08, the published interest rates are:

5-year fixed deposits:

Standard Bank 5.8%

FNB 6.1%

ABSA 6.32%

Nedbank Not available


5-year guaranteed growth plans:

Discovery 6.21%

Momentum 5.86%
Note the returns on 5-year guaranteed growth plans are tax-free.
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