Saturday, January 17, 2015

South African government should focus on entrepreneurship

As cited recently in the City Press newspaper:

The South African government is in talks to possibly extend the age for child grants for needy children from 18 years currently to 23 years. The government has received mixed responses regarding the move. Some parties support it whilst others question the timing and are of the opinion that it will make people more dependent on government. Spokesperson for the minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini said that “this is about our investment in human capital”.   

I am rather horrified by the thinking of our government minister. Extending the age for child grants to 23 years? This will just make more youths more dependant on government, rather than creating a future for themselves.

The government should rather direct more of its efforts and finance to improving basic education, as well as fostering an environment for real entrepreneurship. In South Africa we don’t need more handouts; what we need are young people who are well trained, able to think on their own and start businesses.

Real entrepreneurship will drive economic growth; child grants will not.