Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Successful Investing Seminar

Following the successful conclusion of our first-ever Successful Investing Seminar in early February, we will be running this four-part seminar on Sucessful Investing again in April/May 2009, with Yours Truly being the presenter. This seminar targets:

- Investors who want to gain all-round, in-depth knowledge on the subject of investment;
- Investors who want to manage their own investment portfolios and be successful;
- People who want to study to become CFA;
- Finanial planners who want to become specialists in investment planning.

The seminar will consist of 4 four-hour sessions, from 9am to 1pm, on the following days:

Saturday 18 April 2009
Saturday 25 April 2009
Monday 27 April 2009
Friday 1 May 2009

Venue: Oak Park, 352 Oak Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg

The seminar will cover:

- The concepts of money and investments;
- Investments and financial planning;
- The basics of investments;
- Various types of investments;
- Fundamental analysis;
- The Warren Buffet Way of investing;
- Introduction to technical analysis;
- Behavioural finance and investor psychology;
- The practical steps of selecting an investment and putting together a portfolio.

Some comments from the previous participants:
"... Very informative ..."
"... The course is very comprehensive ..."
"... the course contents and the interactions among participants have helped me broaden my investment horizon ..."

If you are interested in finding out more about the seminar, please email info@daberistic.com.

Regards, Kevin Yeh

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