Friday, January 25, 2013

Our yearly model share portfolio for 2013

It's time to reveal our 2013 model share portfolio. There are again 12 shares in the portfolio, 4 of which are JSE listed companies. The remaining 8 are foreign companies that we believe will contribute to an investor's portfolio.

The share price is in the local currency.

Name Weigting Share price
AIG 10% 35.3
Apple 6% 532.17
Barclays 8% 262.4
BHP Billiton 10% 292.89
Exxaro 8% 169
Google 8% 707.38
Nestle 6% 59.6 CHF
Pinnacle 8% 18.37
Samsung 10% 1522000
Sasol 8% 362.8
Toyota 10% 4005
Volkswagen 8% 162.75 EUR

AIG: After the 2008 financial crisis, AIG is making a come back, now focused and generates profits.

Apple: It is now facing stiff competition from Samsung and entry-level smartphone manufacturers from China. It will be tough for it to continue to grow at a pace like it has over the last few years.

Barclays: Like other international financial services groups, its share price has taken a smack in 2008. It is however recovering, but still offers value.

BHP Billiton: The largest resources company in the world, it will benefit from recovery of metals prices.

Exxaro: a coal miner, which will benefit from rand weakness

Google: Its dominance in search, smartphone operating system puts it in a strong position

Nestle: A global food and beverage group, it is a defensive stock offering stable growth

Pinnacle: Still defying gravity, growing at exponential rates

Samsung: It is winning in the smartphone war, and its home appliances division continues to grow in market share

Sasol: Will benefit from rand weakness

Toyota: The world's largest car maker, will benefit from yen depreciation

Volkwagen: Makers of VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda, as well as Lamborghini, will benefit from rising middle class in the emerging markets.

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