Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our yearly model portfolio continues to excel

Since we started creating our yearly model portfolio at the beginning of 2002, our yearly model portfolios have been generating excellent returns for readers who followed and implemented them diligently.

Our yearly model portfolio for 2007 is no exception. Our portfolio generated a return of 50.6%, comfortably outperforming JSE Alsi's 19.2%. The star performers in our portfolio are:

  • Digicore - the share price rose from 421 cents to close at 970 cents. Including dividends, the return is 133%
  • Acc-Ross - the turnaround stock, the share price rose from 32 cents to 80 cents to give a 150% return.
  • Enviroserv - a waste management company, which gave a 95% return last year.

The laggards in our portfolio are:

  • Telkom - with its declining earnings and unsuccessful corporate actions,its share price has ended flat for the year. Its generous dividends boosted its return to 5%.
  • Mvela Resources - its has been a roller coaster ride, with the share price rising to more than R60, only to give up most of the gains to end up the year with a 7% return.
  • PSG - affected by the general negative sentiments towards the financial sector, it has given a return of 2%.

We will soon be releasing our yearly model portfolio for 2008 in the second half of January. For investors who would like to pay a fee in order to receive the information before then, please write to info@daberistic.com.

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