Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What are the performances of top managers in 2007?

Readers of this blog know I am a big fan of the following asset managers: Allan Gray, John Biccard of Investec Value Fund, Tim Allsop of the Nedgroup Rainmaker Fund and Anthony Sher (who was until recently the portfolio manager of Stanlib Small Cap Fund).

So how did they fare in 2007? (The 12-month performance listed below is on sell-sell basis)

Allan Gray Equity Fund - 18.83%
Investec Value Fund - 10.21%
Nedgroup Investments Rainmaker Fund - 15.48%
Stanlib Small Cap Fund - 48.58%

The All Share Index Total Return - 19.2%

While Allan Gray, Investec Value Fund and Nedgroup Rainmaker Fund have underperformed the index, I believe it's a short-term phenomenon. Due to their investment approaches, they may underperform from time to time, but they will likely outperform the index over the long term.

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