Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Largest unit trust funds in South Africa

Below are the 10 largest unit trust funds in South Africa, by total assets:

1. Allan Gray Balanced Fund - R61.6 billion
2. ABSA Money Market Fund - R57.8 billion
3. Standard Bank Money Market Fund - R35.7 billion
4. Allan Gray Equity Fund - R32.4 billion
5. Investec Opportunity Fund - R29.6 billion
6. Allan Gray Stable Fund - R29.0 billion
7. Coronation Balanced Plus Fund - R28.3 billion
8. Standard Bank Corporate Money Market Fund - R27.5 billion
9. Investec Money Market Fund - R21.6 billion
10. Stanlib Income Fund - R20.7 billion

These figures are as of 1 February.

It is clear the largest funds are dominated by money market and income funds, as well as Allan Gray funds.

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