Thursday, October 10, 2013

Elias Mnyandu, Editor Business Report, SACCI Convention 2013

Elias Mnyandu, editor business report
SACCI Convention 2013

reflect issues facing our country
Africa is on the move, let's get down to business

South Africa in the age of resurgent Africa

president zuma says South Africa is a special place
bordered by two oceans
triumph of human spirits

South Africa is the only country in Africa that has Africa in its name

1 million readers. with social media, the media industry is turned upside down

We are in an age of experimentation and change

we are witnessing history in the making
there are immense opportunities for us to impact
We either embrace change, or become irrelevant and die

The potential of South Africa lies in its people.
heartening to see close the gap in infrastructure on the continent
private sector will play a bigger role in infrastructural development.

Nearly half of the continent faces water scarcity

Technology: increase broadband penetration by 10%
Africa has enormous arable land

Mauritius is the only African country to rank in the top 50 in terms of maximising human resources

Chinese proverb says a man is most tired when standing still

WEF human capital index

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