Thursday, October 10, 2013

SACCI president Clive Manci speaks, SACCI Convention 2013

SACCI president Clive Manci speaks.
SACCI Convention 2013

Believe a lot can be done.

Focus on education, reduce cost of doing business

SACCI plays an active role in BBBEE codes of good practice. Believe can achieve this without additional cost of compliance

MOU designed for businesses to engage with governments of all levels

Challenging labour environment, SACCI raises issues with labour minister.

intimidation by striking workers
protected nature of industrial action
adversarial statements arising from industrial action. not conducive to job creation.

We need to ensure abiding by the provisions of law.

Advocacy into 2014, need for SA to become an attractive investment destination

As we take on 2014, SACCI seeks to pursue 5 strategic areas, with the theme of driving investments to grow SA economy

1. Clear policy direction, through NDP
2. work with like minded organisations, like brand SA
3. work with DTI to reduce cost of doing business

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