Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SACCI Convention 2013, Productivity SA

Productivity SA
SACCI Convention 2013

Our vision is to lead and inspire a competitive and productive South Africa.

To improve productivity by advising, implementing, monitoring & evaluating solutions aimed at South Africa”s competitiveness

Stages of interventions:

Productive capacity building SMME Programme:
Business start-up training, partnership with SETA, funding by DTI
Business improvement workshop
Coaching and after-care programme, incubation projects

October is the month of productivity in South Africa

Customised capacity building approach - SMME

Scoping - business analyst measuring
Determine baseline
Design proposal/indicate cost sharing/benefits
Sign agreement/MOU/implementation plan
Phased approach/early warning methodology
Showcase outcome/lessons learned

Partnerships are key, cooperative developments

Schools programme:
Principal training awareness

Productivity awareness & advocacy

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